February 10

Facebook New Page Format – first tests

Today I got a chance to play with Facebook’s new page format – a pretty interesting change.  If you are familiar with how your profile has changed in Facebook you’ll find the new Facebook Page format to be familiar.  It has the same line of photos at the top of the page  – so if your Facebook page doesn’t have photos (this one didn’t) you might want to add some [what I did was actually take some screenshots of blog posts – as the Facebook Page that I was experimenting with is tied to a blog – http://www.godlovesandrew.com].    The overall layout of the page is much more like the rest of facebook – vs. the older format (I’ll include a screenshot below of the existing format).

One of the really interesting things was not about the format of the page – but what it can do now.  For the first time a page can now act more like a profile – in that it can “like” other pages and have a news feed of it’s own.  For example if you look at the sample screen shot I provided you can see how I “liked” 2 other pages -and this shows prominently on this Facebook page.  So this opens up a potential marketing tool – as you can like and interact with others pages.  For example you could “like” a fan page where your customers live – posting content directly on that page – but as your FAN page.  I know that’s a little confusing – but it’s closer to what some people have asked of me.  You still can’t directly interact with other profiles – which is what some people I’ve talked wanted to do (that’s why some businesses have used a profile instead of a page).

Overall I liked the change – I just had to come up with some photos quickly (and will need to do for another FAN page) for it to make sense.  I do think many business owners will really like the ability to like (that came out strange).  I also think a more consistent UI to the screens is a good thing – to make it easier for users.

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