December 12

LastPass Rocks

I’ve been using LastPass for a few months now and I have to say it Rocks!  It’s one of the best tools I’ve used lately – it just works!.  I find myself loving it more and more – and get this – they even have a version for the Palm Pre! (the betamax of smart phones)  LastPass just seems to work – it integrates with your browser in a wonderful way – filling in forms and logins – handling multiple logins. It’s also great as it prompts you to create new passwords – which enhances your security greatly.  It works across multiple browsers and multiple computers – so I have it on my laptop, my desktop and my palm pre phone.  I can also look up my “vault” on other computers – so I’m basically never without it.

It also allows you to have “secure notes” – so it doesn’t have to be just logins.  I find it an amazing tool – just so impressed with how it works.   But there is a deeper reason why I wanted this tool – to protect against one site compromising others. The best strategy is to not use the same password on more than one site – so in case that one site is compromised they can’t know your password on other sites.  But there’s a problem – who in the world can remember all those passwords? I don’t think anyone can (and I’m sure you never forget a user id either).  LastPass fills the bridge – you just remember the one password – it takes care of the rest – filling in the logins on each website.  And you can always look up the user ids and passwords – even on your mobile phone!

So I don’t know if I can say enough about how much I like this tool – it Rocks!!!!   It solves a fundamental problem with passwords across the web – balancing security and usability.  And since it’s free ($1 per month if you want to have it on your phone) – it’s hard to make a case why not to use. So try it today – be better with your passwords and logins…

October 8

Windows 7 – Nifty Quick Calendar

I just noticed a nifty little thing in Windows 7 – a simple calendar.  I was actually scheduling some posts out – but Worpress doesn’t show a calendar – only lets you pick a month and day.  I simply clicked on the date and time in the lower left-hand corner and up popped a nice little calendar.   This was probably in many other version of Windows – but it just seems more usable in Windows 7.  So if you just need a quick look at a calendar without pulling up Outlook, Gmail, etc. – simply click on the date and time.

Again this just hows me how nice the overall UI of Windows 7 is – in that the taskbar just seems better – more usable.   Thank you Microsoft and all the beta testers for getting this right.